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Faith Enough to Take a Risk

“But the Pharisees went out and plotted against him, as to how they could assassinate him.” Matthew 12:14

Jairus was well known by other Jewish leaders. A synagogue leader was a political appointment. He had to go through Jewish leadership before he could have been offered his position.

He would have known that Jewish leaders were spying on Jesus, which means they, or some of their minions, would be in the crowd that was pressing around Jesus when he came into town. Jairus would have known that the leadership would see him when he approached Jesus and asked for help. But he did it anyway.

Jairus would know that fraternizing with Jesus, who was considered an enemy of Jewish leadership may cost him his job, his position and place in the community, but, he didn’t care.

He had more faith in God’s word and in the works of Jesus than he had fear of retribution of Jewish leaders. Besides, if he lost everything but Jesus healed his daughter, wasn’t it going to be worth the trade off?

Jairus had enough faith in God’s word, and the work of Jesus, to put his reputation on the line. He had enough faith to put his job and position on the line. He had enough faith to let go of traditions and, how things were supposed to be done, to go after the outcome he desired.

Do you have enough faith to take a risk? Do you have enough faith in God to put your traditions on the back burner, or possibly get rid of them all together, in order to see God, meet your needs? Do you have enough faith to risk the known for the fulfillment of God’s unknown plan in your life?

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