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Faith – Part II

Faith Enough to Believe

““Nazareth! Can anything good come from there?” Nathanael asked. “Come and see,” said Philip.”’ John 1:46

In order for Jairus to get what he needed from Jesus, he had to change his mindset about the Messiah. Most Jewish leaders considered Jesus a heretic and only followed him so they could watch him to see what he was doing so they could trap him and have a reason to kill him.

Even though Jesus fulfilled every aspect of what the Old Testament said about the Messiah, the Jewish leadership did not accept him because he didn’t come from a prestigious place, his genealogy was not stellar, he didn’t go to a great Rabbinical school and he didn’t hold to all the traditions that they, and Jewish leaders before them, had put in place. Plus, the people were following Jesus, which was taking away the power of the Jewish leadership over the people.

Jairus had to have enough faith to look beyond the fact that Jesus came from Nazareth; the character of the people of Nazareth was such that they were despised and condemned. To come from Nazareth, therefore, or to be a Nazarene was the same as to be despised, or to be esteemed of low birth.

Jairus had to have enough faith to look at what God’s word said about the Messiah and measure it against what Jesus was doing and decide if he was going to belief Jesus was the Messiah, a heretic or a lunatic. Jairus had to have enough faith to belief that God’s word regarding the Messiah was true.

Do you have enough faith to believe God’s word is true, no matter what? Do you have enough faith to look beyond the outward appearance of something or someone and believe God’s word anyway?

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