Faith – Part I

Faith – Part I

Faith Is Patient

“So, Jesus followed went with him, and a great multitude followed Him and thronged Him. Now a certain woman had a flow of blood for twelve years…” Mark 5:24 – 25 (NKJV) For the full story read Mark 5:21 – 43

In this story, Jairus, a synagogue ruler went to Jesus because his daughter was sick.

Jairus was a man of importance. As a synagogue ruler, he was the CEO over the synagogue. He controlled the flow of religious services, served as judge over community disputes and represented the congregation outside the local community. His life was steeped in tradition, but he had a problem tradition, his wealth or his position in the community could solve.

His daughter was sick to the point of death. He was willing to do anything in order to save his daughter even come out of his comfort zone and get to the only hope he had for a change in his daughter’s situation.

Jairus had heard about, and possibly had seen, the miraculous work of Jesus, and so he broke with tradition and pressed his way into the presence of Jesus, just to be told yes and then to wait, while Jesus dealt with the woman with the issue of blood. He had gotten to Jesus first but still, he had to wait until Jesus dealt with someone else.

He was a synagogue ruler; everyone could tell that by the way he was dressed. He was a man of importance; he normally won’t have gotten into the fray like everyone else. Jairus could have gotten an attitude but he didn’t, he waited his turn.

Do you have enough faith to wait your turn without having an attitude? Do you have enough faith to wait without complaining? Do you have enough faith to wait without comparing you and your situation to someone else’s?

Jairus had enough faith to wait his turn, even through he got to Jesus first. He waited until the God dictated “right time” for him to receive his miracle and he did it without fussing, fighting, causing a scene or trying to belittle the woman who got ahead of him. Do you have enough faith to wait your turn?

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