Why Your Prayers Aren’t Being Answered

Why Our Prayers Don’t Get Answered Sooner, If At All

Many people have prayed for days, months even years, for something or someone and it seems their prayers go unanswered. If we serve a loving, kind, all-powerful God, why does it seem that it takes him so long to answer our prayers?

There are at least 10 Biblical reasons that our prayers may not be answered right away, if at all. Over the next few days, we’re going to look at those reasons, and prayerfully, we will be honest with ourselves and, if we see something in our lives that may be hindering our prayers from being answered promptly, we will correct the problem.

Reason number 1: We are trying to control and manipulate God. I Samuel 13:9 – 14

God is God; we are not! We are His servants, and we obey God, not the other way around!

Some people have been taught to treat God like a genie in a bottle: if we say the right thing, if we say it the right way, and we make a demand on God, and he has to give us anything we say. Nope! That’s not how that works.

In I Samuel 13:9 – 14, we see things weren’t going Saul’s way. The men of Israel had deserted Saul, Samuel hadn’t come exactly when he said he’d be there and the Philistine army was gathering at the proverbial gates.

Saul decided to take matters into his own hands rather than waiting on God. He offered a sacrifice that didn’t need to be offered. He killed living creatures that didn’t need to die all because he was trying to make God do what he wanted God to do.

He was trying to manipulate God by giving a burnt offering that wasn’t required. The only thing required of Saul during this time in scripture was that he wait on God. Instead, he broke the command God had given him earlier and ended up putting himself out of God establishing Saul’s kingdom of Isreal forever.

We may have learned to manipulate our parents, our children, and even our spouses and partners but we cannot manipulate or control God. If you are praying and trying to control and/or manipulate God, your prayers will not be answered, and you may end up getting yourself in more trouble than you can handle.

Wait on God. Follow His lead, and you will see Him move in your favor.

Prayer: Lord God, forgive me for trying to control and manipulate You. You are the potter, and I am the clay; You mold me, not the other way around. You transform me into who you want me to be, I do not transform you. Help me to see when I’m working to manipulate You rather than obeying You. In Jesus name, I pray. Amen.

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