Prayer for Today

February 27, 2020

Father, today, I’m going to meet challenges, but in the face of them, I will say I am a child of the Highest God. I know that You will keep me in perfect peace if I keep my mind steadfast on You and trust You no matter what I may see or hear.

You are an awesome God. No one else has measured the waters in the hollow of their hand or marked out the heavens by the span of their hand. Only You, Lord God, can call the stars out one by one and call each one by its name and make sure none of them are lost.

You are the everlasting God. You never grow tired or weary, and You strengthens me because my hope is in You. When I go through situations in life that should overwhelm me, I will not fear because I know that You are with me.

When I have to walk into circumstances that cause me heartache and hardship, I will trust in the Lord my God to bring me out. I will not be afraid for my God will never forsake me.

Father God, I believe Your word, and I will live as if I know Your word is true. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

Scripture References:

Isaiah 26:3

Isaiah 40:29—31

Psalm 27:5, 1—2

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