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January 27, 2020

Father God, I have embarked on a journey of doing things differently in 2020 and have made a decision to change and pursue a different course, but still, I am met with obstacles, distractions and deterrents that block my new way of thinking, acting and doing.

I find myself wanting to fall back into the old patterns of doing things. When I want to press forward, procrastination is waiting at the door to hold me back. When I want to move into a new area, fear is lurking around the corner. When I want to believe that everything is going to turn out for my best, doubt begins to override my faith. Father, I need Your help.

The old me, the one I wanted so desperately to leave in 2019, has started creeping into 2020. I see it, I know it and, on some level, I feel helpless to do anything to stop it, but then I remember Your words that say, I will see Your goodness in my life while I am alive. Your goodness Lord, will set me apart. Your goodness Father will help regulate my thoughts and it will cause my heart to be glad. It will allow me to see Your goodness in my life even in the midst of fear, doubt and uncertainty.

Father, I know change takes time and diligence, but I have made a decisive dedication of all that I am to become all that You have ordained me to be. I am willing to work hard to allow the necessary changes in my thought life, my action, and my attitudes to take place. And while I wait Lord, I will bless Your name.

I Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

Scripture reference:

Romans 7

Psalm 27

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