Prayer for Today

January 23, 2020

Father God, You want me to move in excellence in everything I do at home, on my job, at my place of worship, and in my community. Doing everything that has been ordained for me to do to the best of my ability is moving in excellence.

Working with diligence and perseverance in everything I do just as if I was working for You, which I am because my rewards come for You.

Help me remember that I cannot move or work in excellence in this phase of life without good health. I need a healthy diet, exercise, and regular check-ups to ensure my health is intact so I can move through life victoriously. I also need enough rest.

Please help me look at all the activities that I have on my plate and off-load things that I shouldn’t be doing. Help me look at what I do for my spouse, my children, my co-workers, my supervisor, my church family, and others with a critical eye and honestly assess if what I’m doing is really mine to do, or if I’m standing in the way of someone else doing their job.

Moving in excellence does not mean being all things to all people. Moving in excellence means being the best me I can be as I purpose to fulfill Your plan for my life.

In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

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