Prayer for Today

December 30, 2019

Father God, I have learned that the decisions we make, make up the sum of our lives. Help me make good decisions today and in 2020 regarding every area of my life.

Help me not to fall for the lust of the eye, but to do what I know is good and right in Your sight. Lord, help me to say “no” to things that are currently of little or no value to me and will not position me to fulfill the plans You have for me. The things that if I purchase them or spent my time doing them will make me a bad steward of the resources You’ve given me.

Forgive me, Father, for complaining about not having enough time or enough money, yet I’m not using what You’ve provided for me wisely. Father, forgive me for asking for more money, more talents, more time, more ability when really, I’m not a good steward of what You’ve entrusted to me. I am determined that in 2020 I will change the habits that cause me to be unproductive, less valuable and more indebted to someone or something other than You.

Help me, Father, to identify my shortcomings in all areas of stewardship and correct them by allowing Your word to work in me.

In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

Scripture references:

Exodus 28:30                   Romans 2:13

Proverbs 16:33                 Acts 4:19

Ephesians 6:14                 Matthew 25:14 – 30

I John 2:16

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