Prayer for Today

February 26, 2019

Lord God, today I put my pride aside and seek after the peace that only comes from you. My heart desires you because you are the author, perfecter, and finisher of my faith. My soul requires because you are the fulfillment of my hope. My life needs you because without you, I cannot live, breath or have my being.

 Help me to quiet myself before you and humble my life under your mighty hand. Help me not to worry or fret excessively for neither worry or fretting can change the outcome of anything going on in my life. Worry and fretting cause me anxiety and, you told me to be anxious for nothing.

 Nothing or no one else can give me hope, real joy and true peace beside you Lord God. I look to you and you alone for what I need to progress through this life. In Jesus name, I pray. Amen.

Scripture Reference:

Psalm 131

Proverbs 11:2

Matthew 6:27

Romans 5:5

Philippians 4:6

I Timothy 4:10

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