Prayer for Today

December 4, 2018

Lord, during this Advent season, when we celebrate the love, joy, mercy, grace, and peace that you showed humankind, by sending your son Jesus to save the world, help me remember those who need to know your love in their lives through my actions.

Those who are confined to their beds of affliction, those who are in convalescent homes, in hospitals and long-term care facilities; Lord, they need to know your love through me. Help me seek out and help people in homeless shelters, people who need to eat in community kitchens and those whose only source of food is a local food pantry.

Lord God, you said it is my responsibility to go out and find those who are in need and show them the love of Christ. Help me come out of my selfishness and reach out to those in need and give them the real meaning of the season.

Help me not just throw money at the problems of the world. Let me lend my time, gifts, talents, my voice and personal touch to those who are in need. Let me not think about how they can return my kindness, but allow me to do for them knowing they can’t return anything to me. Help me not to do it just for this month, or the next few weeks, but help me keep this spirit of giving all year long.

Help me Lord to be selfless like Christ, for this is the real reason for the season. In Jesus name. Amen.

Scripture references:

Deuteronomy 15:11
Proverbs 19:17
Matthew 25:34 – 40
Acts 20:35

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