Prayer for Today

December 3. 2018

Lord, today I thank you for ordering my steps. I don’t always enjoy the way you direct my path but I’m thankful that I know that even in the most difficult times if I’ve been obedient to your word and your will for my life you are always with me.

Honestly, Lord, there are times I feel like I’m walking blind, deaf and dumb. I can’t see where you’re taking me. I don’t understand my path, I don’t hear anything familiar around me and it seems that no one is listening to me.

Then Lord, when I’m ready to give up and throw in my towel you remind me you will guide me and turn the light on in dark places. You will make the rough places smooth and the crooked path that I trod straight.

Lord as I set out today, I will not worry or fret about the unknown, I will trust and know that you have my best interest at heart. Thank you, Lord God, for being here with me all the time; leading, guiding and protecting me in every situation. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

Reference scriptures:
Nehemiah 9:19
Isaiah 42:16
Isaiah 40:4

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