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Why Our Prayers Don’t Get Answered Sooner, If At All

Reason number 10: God wants to teach us something – Isaiah 48:1 – 11

May 10, 2019

When God wants to teach us something or show Himself to us in a different way, He allows certain things to transpire in our lives that will lead us to Him.

Remember, God has already laid out the plan and the foundation for our lives. He spoke them into being before we were conceived in our mother’s wombs. He did this for His sake, as he repeatedly says in the passage of scripture referenced above.

God did not create everything that needed to be created at the beginning of time, because He knew if He had, we’d take credit for it. He knew we would be called a transgressor, or a sinner, from our mother’s womb. He knew that the human race would be treacherous and still, God did not cut us off. Not because of any great thing He knew we would do, but rather, because of His love and grace for His creation.

Instead, God chooses to teach us things by refining us and testing us in the furnace of affliction. Yes, sometimes God leaves us in our difficult places and in our hard situations because He wants us to teach us something. Isn’t it time we’ve learned our lessons?

Prayer: Lord God, I want to learn what you want to teach me as quickly as possible so I can get out of the difficult place I’m in but, I want to be in our will and learn the lesson you have set before me, so I don’t have to repeat it again. Be my strength, my rock, and my fortress so that I may hide in You. In Jesus name, I pray. Amen.

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