Prayer for Today

September 13, 2018

Father, I feel like there’s so much more for me to do but I just don’t know where to begin! So many people, those in the Body of Christ and those outside of The Body, who need help and healing. So many people feeling lost and desperate. So many people, young and old, who need guidance.

Father, it’s almost like I hear a voice crying out inside of me but I just can’t make out what it’s asking me to do. I feel something deep inside, pulling at me, but I don’t know where your still quiet voice wants to lead me.

Lord God, let me take a page from Jesus’ life and go to a solitary place to pray. Let me heed the example of Daniel and pray every day, three times a day until you give me an answer. Let me pay attention to and follow the Psalmist and call on the Lord and wait until he answers my prayer. Let me learn from Jonah and pray to you no matter where I am.

Father, I need your clarity and guidance. Give it to me and make my path straight. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

Scripture references:
II Chronicles 6:19
II Chronicles 6:40
Psalms 66:20
Psalms 69:13
Jonah 2:1
Mark 1:35

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