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Galatians 5 19

May 23, 2016

The Predator Pet – Part II

The veterinarian’s assistant called for the proper authorities to come get the snake, the woman began to cry. The doctor told her, “your perception of your pet is going to get you killed. He’s a predator and to him, you are prey.”

Too many Christians look at sin in our lives the same way the woman looked at the snake. We want to keep it, nurture it, love it and treat it like a pet. Our perception of the sin is very different than the sins perception of us!

Sin has come to kill us spiritually, devour us and otherwise destroy us. We often think we can keep our sin in just one place but, just like the snake, our sins have a way of slithering from one part of our lives into another.

Just like the woman in the story tried to relegate the python to one specific place while she was sleep, we try to keep our sins relegated to one or two areas of lives but before you know it, they have slithered out of where we put them and into some places we didn’t want them to have access.

Our sins slither out of one place and begin to effect other areas of our lives. Just like the python, a constricting reptile, our sins come to choke us with guilt, constrict us with shame and lessen our relationship with God.

It’s time for a reality check! What predators are you allowing to slither around in your live? Our obedience to God’s word frees us from the chain of slavery to the law of sin and death. What or who is in your life that you view as a pet but he/she/it/them view you as prey?

It’s time to call in the proper authorities; the word of God and the Spirit of God, to destroy your pet predators before they destroy you.

So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” John 8:36


Living Above Mediocrity,

Min. Anita Wamble


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