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storm-of-life-closing-in-scriptureOctober 12, 2016

Claim Victory – In the Storm

I remember reading a story in the Washington Post about a couple who had their home foreclosed because the company handling their refinance was dealing in illegal activities. It was the sad story of a family that had to face the reality that the dreams they had about their piece of the American dream may never reach maturity. I wished them the best as they moved forward into the unknown. I only hoped that they had Jesus Christ in their lives to help them through this difficult time – a situation many would call a storm: a major disruption in our lives that we believe may ultimately lead to adversity, calamity; distress, danger, disaster or death.

The one thing that Christians can hold onto in the midst of a storm is that Jesus is still with us. Things may happen to us that we do not expect. We may suffer setbacks that we could have never imagined, but in the end, God is still with us. Not only is God with us, but God will fight for us (Nehemiah 4:20b). His word says he will never leave us, fail us or forsake us (Deut 31:6). Read Isaiah 41:10-13 and be encouraged. Even in what we see as the worst of times, our God is there. He controls the situation. He has the final say on our outcome. Despite our devastation, confusion, anger and fear; no matter the size of our obstacle, we need to take a few minutes to relate our situation to the word of God and claim the victory He has for us (Ps 60:12; Ps 44:6-8; Prov 2:7; Prov 21:31).

Yes, our victory is in Christ Jesus. Our problem is what that victory looks like. It will not always be as pretty as we imagine. It will not always make us comfortable, but if we have given our lives to Jesus, it is not our plan but his. Proverbs 19:21 puts it best, “Many are the plans of a man’s heart, but only the Lord’s purpose will prevail.” So no matter what difficulties you are facing, if you have given them to Jesus, let him handle them (1 Peter 5:7). Wait for him to move (Ps 27:13-14). His word says that “all things work together for good,” (Rom 8:28) so even though we can’t see the good right now, that just means God’s overall plan is not complete. Just wait in the Lord and be of good courage.

So claim victory in your test. Claim victory in your trials. In the midst of foreclosure or repossession or lost jobs or whatever, look past what you see and claim victory because God is working things out for your good. Show God that you trust and believe and despite what you see and feel (2 Cor 5:7), you are leaning on Him and awaiting the “good” result he has promise. It may not be easy (though James 1:2 says to “consider it all joy”), but showing our faith and trust in God through the most difficult of times is a necessity. And his rewards are awesome (Matt 5:12).

Have a Blessed and Victorious remainder of the week,

Rev. Marvin R. Wamble


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