Wonderful Wednesday

June 9, 2021

Too many times we allow our yesterdays to derail our today and destroy our tomorrow. Just because we have failed in the past, doesn’t mean we’re going to fail this time. Just because we came up short last time, doesn’t mean we’re going to make the same mistakes this time.

God designed yesterday to prepare us for today, not to hold us hostage. God purposed yesterday to be our teacher, not a jail cell. What did yesterday teach us that we can use to propel us into our tomorrow?

Take some time and write down what past failures and shortcomings have taught you about yourself, your gifts, what’s important to you, and what God wants you to do. Then give yourself permission to unlock the jail cell of your past and free yourself to rely on God doing a new thing in your life. A new thing that requires the lessons yesterday taught you, but it does not require you to hold on to the hurt, pain, and disappointment that were a part of the lessons.

Let God make a way for you in the wilderness of doing something different and rivers in your dry places of moving beyond where you are now.


Lord God, You are my Waymaker, my Promise Keeper, my Way out of no way, and my Light in amid darkness. I put my trust in You.

I will move forward with my life, not in fear but in expectation of what You are going to do. I will move forward with my life, not in doubt but in the belief that You will do what You said You would do for me. I will move forward with my life, not in inadequacies, but being fully able and capable of doing what You have called me to do.

I will let go of the old things, and give You permission to do new things in me. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

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