Prayer for Today – January 1, 2016

c0609e65-a146-45c1-a44b-a15dcf1fb01eFather, as I embark upon a New Year, I am determined to fulfill my destiny in You. I’m tired of living on the fridges of my Promised Land. Tired of taking one step forward only to be pushed back three steps because I haven’t been fully obedient to Your word, the Bible and to Your direct word to me.

I am sick and tired of being the victimized by my own foolishness and rebellion. Father, this year, I want things to be different. I want things to change, which means I have to change. Lord God, please help my unbelief!

Father, I know I have to be willing to change my words, my thoughts, my attitudes and who I am relying on for approval if I want to see a change in my life, my lifestyle and my conditions in the New Year.

Lord, I want these things to die in and around me; my old negative mind set, my old negative words, my old nasty and negative attitude and my old negative relations. Please Father, guide me into new and unfamiliar paths that I take in order to be different and get different results for my life.

Father God, turn the darkness of the new into well-lit places and smooth out my path so I don’t stumble and trip going into my new territory.

My hope to turn my life into what You planned for me is in You Lord God. Thank you for never forsaking me and for being my Rock! In Jesus name I pray. Amen.


Numbers 14:9         Proverbs 28:26
I Samuel 15:23        Isaiah 42:16
Job 42:1 – 2             Mark 9:24
Proverbs 12:15        Romans 8:28
Proverbs 19:21        Ephesians 1:11



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