Prayer for Today

July 28, 2020

Lord God, so much is going on, and so many voices are vying for my attention. No matter what all the sounds are saying, they all seem to have A word for me.

My job has A word for me. My friends and family have A word for me. Social media and other media outlets all have A word for me. Our nation’s leaders have A word for me. I even have word for myself. But, Father God, in the end, You have the final word.

Lord, Your final words say I win. Your last word says I am loved, cared for, protected, cherished, and victorious. Your final word is what I believe in and cleave too, even in the worst of times.

Thank You, Lord, for always having the word of truth for my life. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

Scripture references:

Isaiah 49:23

Isaiah 53:1

Romans 15:8

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