Prayer for Today

June 1, 2020

Lord God, we come into the half-way point of the year in unrest, with broken hearts and no clear path forward. We need You.

Father, we’re looking at unnecessary deaths of innocent people by police officers. Dealing with unnecessary deaths of law enforcement officers at the hands of drive-by shooters. Our nation is grieving, and at a loss for how to get out of this cycle. We need You.

There is destruction in major cities around the country. People are losing their business, their jobs, and their livelihood to looters, rioters and hate, while the president wants to take us back to 1968 Alabama. Father God, we need You.

Send a leader who can lead us out of this time of anger, frustration and hurt. Send a leader who can calm fears and lead us to a better tomorrow, not take us back to what was, and try to tell us it’s new. Lord, send the man or woman You for designated for this time. Let their voice be heard over the hate. Let their voice be heard over the pain. Let their voice be heard over generations of racism and bigotry. Let them speak only what You tell them to speak, and give our nation a listening ear. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

Scripture Reference:

Exodus 20:13

Isaiah 26:3

John 16:33

Romans 12:18

Colossians 3:15

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