Prayer for Today

February 12, 2020

Father God, in II Kings 4:1 – 6 You’ve given me an example of Your supernatural power at work when I obey You and give you my natural resources. For this widowed woman, You supernaturally replaced everything she poured out naturally in her obedience to You. I know You will do the same for me.

I know there is more to me than what I’ve seen thus far in my life. I know You have put greatness in me, but oftentimes my lack of something; money, credit, support, etc., makes me feel like I can’t do what I want to do or what You’ve told me to do. This is the same place this widow found herself, and yet she obeyed You.

Lord, the widow, poured out her little, and You responded with overflow. She poured out of faith and You responded by being faithful. She poured out of despair and You answered with hope. She poured out of having nothing else to do and You answered out of Your abundance. I know You will do the same thing for me.

Lord God, I will pour out just as the widow did, which was by faith. By faith, I will obey You, and by faith, I will receive my just reward. Thank You Lord, for being a faithful God whom I can trust. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

Scripture reference:

II Kings 4:1 – 6

Colossians 3:24

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