Prayer for Today

August 22, 2019

Lord, today is as good a day as any to begin to renew my mind in Your word as any. I have not been diligent in pursuing You, and I have not guarded the time I’ve set aside to spend with You. I have used the time I should spend with You to sleep, work on hobbies, talk to friends on the phone, go shopping, surf the web, almost anything else other than spending time with You. Please forgive me.

Lord, I know that spending time with You is more than throwing my “want” list at Your feet and running away to do what I want to do. Spending quality time with You means the plans of my day may be changed after I receive direction from You. It means how I feel about something, or someone may change because I want to please and obey You more than I want what I think I want or need.

Savior, renew my mind and restore a right spirit in me. In Jesus name. Amen.

Scripture reference:

Psalms 51:10

Romans 12:2

Ephesians 1:6 – 8

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