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February 13, 2019

February 13, 2019

Lord, I thank you for the history I have with you.  You have been with me from the beginning and you appointed everything in my life, from my birth and all the circumstances surrounding it, were appointed by you.  My life, at every turn has your fingerprints on it.  There is nothing about me that you don’t know.

You knew when I was going to disobey you and you still blessed me. You knew when I was going to run away from you and yet you still perused me so you could protect me. You knew when I was going to be brokenhearted and you were there to wipe away my tears. You have kept me and watched over me every day of my life, no matter what I’ve done. Thank you for loving me regardless of what I’ve done.

Everything is not perfect but help me not to view my hardships, trials or tribulations as permanent; thereby causing me to deal with the problem as a permanent fixture in my life.  Help me to view my difficulties with a Christ-like understanding and Godly wisdom, knowing I have nothing to worry about because you are my shepherd and I don’t have to want for anything.

Thank you, Lord for your words of assurance and your acts of loving kindness that you shower on me daily.  In Jesus name, I pray.  Amen.


Psalms 23

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