Prayer for Today

March 5, 2018

Father God, please forgive me for not being diligent and working on the assignments you have placed in my life.

Lord, you have set me free from the law of sin and death, and yet I choose to live as if I am still bound to the dead things of this world. You have freed me to walk in the fullness of your word, and yet I’m content watching the foolishness of the world on TV and the internet rather than chasing after you.

Help me walk in the freedom that Jesus won for me. Free my mind and my spirit to have a fuller relationship with you through Christ Jesus. Free my mind and spirit to please you rather than man. Free my mind and spirit from being concerned about the world’s view. Free me to be single focused on your view.

Father, help me walk in the freedom that comes from knowing that all my sins are forgiven. There is no guilt or shame that can control me unless I decide to remain bound to my sins that you’ve forgiven me for committing. I have been set free by the Son of God; therefore, now and forever more, I am free! In Jesus name I pray, amen.

Scripture Reference:
Proverb 10:4 I Chronicles 4:10
Romans 8:1 – 3 Galatians 1:10
I Timothy 4:14 – 16
Proverb 6:6-9
John 8:36

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