Prayer for Today

July 28, 2017

Father, when we realize how far we’ve allowed ourselves to fall into the pit falls of the world system, we feel hurt and disappointed with ourselves. Not only have we fallen into the financial pitfall of the world system but also the mental, emotion, physical and spiritual pitfalls. Thank you Lord for allowing us to go into the pits, but not allowing us to stay there!

Father, just like you were with Joseph when he went into the pit, you have been with us. You were with Joseph every step of the way during his time in Potiphar’s home, while he was in prison and when he served in the court of Pharaoh; and you have been with, are still with and will continue to be with us.

Father, you didn’t leave Joseph in the pits of his life and you won’t leave us in ours. You brought Joseph out of his pits more powerful than when he went in and you will do the same thing for us if we have the character of Joseph.

Father you blessed Joseph because he operated in his gifts, no matter the circumstances he was facing. He was always honorable to his masters/bosses no matter how they treated him. Joseph always handled the business affairs that were given to him with knowledge and truth and he always gave you the glory.

Father, while we are climbing out of the pits of the world system, help us to have the character of Joseph in all aspects of our lives. It is in Jesus name we pray and say Amen.

Scripture references:

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