Prayer for Today

February 18, 2015

Father, I give you my time this week. I want to be productive in the things you have told me to do. Help me not to allow laziness, fear, doubt or low self-esteem to stop me from fulfilling Your destiny for me. Help me to remember that every day of being obedient to You brings me closer to fulfilling the blessings You have placed on my life.

Let me know not waste nor killer precious time watching meaningless television shows or playing useless computer games. Help me to monitor my time in such a way that I can be productive and have down time.

Father I know my time is a commodity that You have given me to fulfill all the task of my day and to find sweet sleep at the end of my productive day. My time is not intended to be wasted nor killed. Please help me move to a new level of time management. Help me to manage my time by the tasks You’ve given me and not by my lazy tendencies. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

Scripture references:

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