Prayer for Today


October 30, 2016

Father, I am overwhelmed by your love for me. Sometimes I have to stop and just think about the stuff that has gone on in my life that you ordained, kept me through it, brought me out of it, all so you can get the glory out of my life. You are an amazing God!

What my eternal enemy planned to use to destroy me, you Lord, use to elevate me. When I’m dealing with heartache and pains and want to fade into the shadows of life, your spirit lifts me and pushes me forward; into the marvelous light of your son, Jesus Christ.

I was not designed or predestined for mediocrity. You have impregnated greatness into my DNA and nothing can stop your plan for me from coming forth. Thank you Lord for your love that overshadows all my shortcomings. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

Scripture references:

Psalm 92:15
Isaiah 5:7
Romans 8:28
Romans 8:38 – 39
Philippians 1:6

(C) Copy written material



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