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Faith in Gods timing


March 17, 2016

Holy God, it is my sincere desire to mature in my walk with You and my faith in You.  I want to become all that You have purposed me to be and be an active participant as You fulfill every promise You have for me.

But sometimes it seems that You allow things that concern me and cause me distress to linger in my life. It feels like no matter how much I pray, You still allow these issues to vex me. I know this is a part of the maturity process but Lord, it is so difficult!

Father I ask that You strengthen me so I do not allow fear; fear of what other may think or say, fear of what I have or haven’t done, to stop me from growing in You. Do not allow me to fall into the trap of pride and think I can come up with solutions on my own.  Keep me mindful of how much I need You.

Help me as I allow patience and perseverance to have their perfect work. Remind me not move until I hear from You. I will rest, rely and recline my whole self on You, knowing that You not only care for me, but care about everything that concerns me. I pray in Jesus name. Amen.

Scripture references:

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