Prayer for Today
"Father, help us find our way back to You! God, help us get back to, "One nation under God"


October 2, 2015

Father, today I prayer for the families, friends and loved ones of the victims, the gunmen and the survivors of the yesterday’s mass shooting in Oregon.

There are people who want to make political and religious statements about the shooting but I’m sure the families and friends of those affected by the incident don’t care why it happened, just that it happened and their lives will never be the same again.

Father, heal their hearts! Lord, helps us, as a nation, to do better in light of the loss of lives due to the violence in our streets, in our homes, at our schools and in our communities.

Father, help us find our way back to You! God, help us get back to “One nation under God.” Help us get back to “In God we trust.” From the halls of the White House and Congress to the hallways of every school in America, we need You. Help us Father God, I pray in Jesus name. Amen.

Scripture references:

II Chronicles 7:14

Psalm 22:27 – 28

Psalm 33:12

Psalm 66:7

Psalm 147:3

Jeremiah 17:14

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