Prayer for Today

January 21, 2015

Father waiting for you to answer our prayers can be so hard. Watching the ungodly succeed while your children struggle and sometimes suffer can be difficult to see. But I know you will answer your children’s cry and meet every one of their needs.

So today Lord, I ask that you strengthen those who are waiting for you to answer their prayers. I pray that you will remind them that their hope is in you. Remind them Lord that you will protect them from anything that rises up against them while they wait for you to meet them at their point of need.

Remind them Father that your plans for their lives can never be derailed. Just because things aren’t going the way they planned doesn’t mean things aren’t going the way you planned. Your plans for us stand forever while our plans are as fleeting as vapors.

God, remind them that you are dependable in your word and works. You are loyal in your love towards your children and your unfailing love surrounds us. Put in the forefront of their minds that your favor lasts a lifetime. Uphold them while they wait. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

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Scripture references:

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