Prayer for Today

September 4, 2018

Father, as our children return to school, we pray for the teachers, bus drivers, principals, cooks, cafeteria workers, administrators, janitors, school board members, coaches, deans and anyone else who may come in direct or indirect contact with our students as they pursue their education.

Father, we thank you that your word brings light and life. We are so grateful that your word will perform what you set it out to do. So today, we speak your word over everyone in position of authority within school systems across our nation.We pray that they use your integrity, wisdom and understanding as they deal with our children, their students. We pray that all wickedness, evilness, bigotry and hatred be cut off from them and that they deal with our children in an upright manner.

Father God, we pray that if any of these people in the school systems have an agenda of ill-will towards their students that you will stop their plans and render them useless and allow the person to be caught and brought to justice.
Lord God, protect our children! In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

Scripture reference:
John 16:33

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