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August 10, 2018

Father, your word says that the love of money is the root of all evil. Your word also says that money answers all things. You said, that if I seek first the kingdom of heaven, all other things would be added to me, which implies that my hope should be in you.

You know that I need money as a means to cover my living expenses here on earth. That’s why your word says you have given me strengthened to make wealth. Your word says that you will bless the works of my hands. Your word says that I will be a lender and not a borrower. You have purposed that I would be financially sound and not in debt. Your word says that you don’t want me to owe any one anything except love.

Father, so many of your children are struggling financially. Lord, I commit my finances to you. Make me the head and not the tail. The first and not the last. I commit the works of my hands to you. Bless me, my family and my friends to move out of indebtedness and into overflow and abundance. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

Scripture references:

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