Prayer for Today


March 23, 2018

Father God there are so many voices vying for my attention. Often the voices I need to pay attention to are drowned out by the loud voices that I should pay the least amount of attention. Help me Lord!
Father the external loud voices are usually people who want something from me. These voices usually come from marketers and advertisers who want to tell me how I should look, how I should feel or what I should eat, drink or wear. They want me to know what their pill or drug can do for me. All these voices lead me to believe I’m just now good enough the way I am.

Father, on the other hand, my internal loud voices are usually my low esteem, my past failures, my fears and doubts, which all lend themselves to my ability to have paralysis through analysis. I end up getting stuck where I don’t want to be but I can’t move because all I hear are the loud voices screaming at me. Help me Lord!

Father God these voices yell at me daily! I often listen to them more than I listen to your still small voice that is gently whispering your truth to me. Help me Father to pull away from all the loud voices so I can hear from you through your word, through prayer and meditation.

Father, I want to set aside time during the day to shut out all the loud voices just so I can hear from you. This is my sincere, earnest and heartfelt pray I pray in Jesus name. Amen.

Scripture references:
I King 19:11 – 12
Matthew 14:23
John 10:27
Romans 10:17

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