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John 8 36


July 6, 2017

Lord, two days ago we celebrated 240 years of freedom and independence from Britain. As a nation, we are free from the unjust rule of a kingdom that wanted to use us but not care of us.

We celebrated the freedom our forefathers, men and women who fought and laid down their lives, for the freedom they have won for us. Our freedom and independence as a nation is something we must fight for daily.

When our nation celebrates Independence Day, I am always reminded of the freedom that Jesus Christ won for me.

Our faith in the blood of Jesus has set us free from the unjust law of sin and death. Jesus was buried to carry our sins away and completely remove all of them from our lives. When Jesus rose from the grave he justified us, freeing me from the finality of the grave and giving us eternal life.

Lord, Jesus won our independence from sin, death and the grave the same way our military personnel and forefathers won our independence from Britain, through self-sacrifice. Thank you, Jesus, for gaining my freedom! Amen.

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Scripture references:

John 8:32, 36

II Corinthians 3:17

Galatians 5:1, 3

I Peter 2:16


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