Prayer for Today


June 6, 2017

Lord, your people call to you! Your people from all other the world, those who call upon your name as the only wise God both now and forever, seek your refuge and your fortress from the evil ones who are trying to destroy our lives, our peace and our joy.

Consider our sad hearts Lord God, hear our cries for help as we pray to you in the morning. Lord hear our voices, lifted in unison as we lay our request before you.

Lord, you are not pleased with the wickedness of Isis and other terrorist groups. Evil, arrogant, bloodthirsty and deceitful people are not welcome in your presence because you detest their actions. Father God, we ask that you destroy their plans by any means necessary.

We ask Lord God that you bring them under your judgement because their hearts are filled with malice. Declare them guilty, O God! Let the evilness of their hearts be their downfall! Banish them for their many sins for they have rebelled against your love.

For us Lord, who call upon your name, spread your protection over us, bless us and surround us with your favor as a shield. In Jesus name, I pray. Amen.

Scripture reference:

Psalm 5


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