Prayer for Today

Proverbs 8 13


July 14, 2016

God, today we pray for law enforcement officers of all kinds. Whether they are policing in the inner city or the Appalachian Mountains, or servicing our country on a federal level, these brave men and woman put their lives on the line over and over again on a daily basis.

A routine traffic stop could turn into a fight for their lives. While responding to a domestic disturbance, they could end up being the one who is under attack. Stopping to talk to a citizen could make them a target of someone lurking in the shadows. Lord, they need your covering every day.

God, we ask that you being to root out the bad seeds who serve as law enforcement officers. The racist, who would rather shoot someone of a different race than arrest them. The coward, who uses the badge as his or her leverage to bully, humiliate or diminish someone else. The arrogant, who uses their position to lord over the people they were sworn to protect. These types of law enforcement officers are unacceptable and need to be removed from their positions.

Lord, if things in our nation are going to change we need to start praying for and respecting each other. Law enforcement officers and regular citizens are in this together. We need each other, now more than ever. Please, heal our land! In Jesus name we pray. Amen!

Scripture references:

Psalm 82:3 – 4

Proverb 8:13

Matthew 5:19

Romans 12:3

Romans 13:1 – 14


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