Prayer for Today

Romans 8 37

June 13, 2016

Father there is so much going on in the world that tries to steal our joy and peace. Shootings, stabbings and killing of innocent people who are simply going about their daily lives seem to be the opening to every news broadcast. Whether it’s gunmen randomly shooting people in a mall in Tel Aviv or a lone gunman walking into a club in Orlando, FL, it’s getting to be too much for a heart to take on a regular basis.

Father, with all the murders and killings going on, it’s enough to make people want to stay home and never go out but that would mean that our enemies, both natural and demonic enemies, would win and we don’t want that!

Lord God, your children will rest on your word that says, you have already overcome the world; therefore, we are overcomers. We will rely on your word that states we have overcome the world system because you dwell in, make your home in, us.

Even though the events of last week and this past weekend have shaken us, we will not fear, become hopeless or doubtful of your ability to take care of us. We will have sober minds and keep a watchful eyes out for the enemy, who is prowling around looks for whom he can devour. We will not be volunteer victims. I will remain steadfast and immovable in you Lord and trust in your because you care about us.

In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

Scripture references:

John 16:33

Romans 8:37

I Peter 5:8

I John 4:4

I John 5:4-5

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