Prayer for Today

January 30, 2015

Oh Lord, how excellent is your name in all the earth! When I would have fallen and never rose again, you were there to keep me safe. When I could have lost everything and been left destitute, you sustained me.

When my enemies wanted my demise, you lifted up a standard against them. There is no God like you! There is no one on earth nor in heaven that loves me as much as you. In light of all your great works in my life I want to stop and say “thank you”.

When I couldn’t see my way, you were my guide. Thank you.

When my business or my job was threatened you worked it out for my good. Thank you.

When my children were given the opportunity to stray, you kept them on the right path. Thank you.


For these and so many other blessings that you have bestowed on my life, I give you praise. Amen.


Scripture references:


Psalm 8:9

Psalm 18:4 – 6

Psalm 34:7

Psalm 50: 14 – 15

Psalm 55:16, 22


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