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And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests.
With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people
Ephesians 6:18

All of us go through difficulties, trials and tribulations. We have to deal with issues such as the loss of loved ones, close friendships ending, caring for aging parents or contending with difficult children to name a few. It is in these times Christians and non-Christians turn to prayer; realizing that we need to have a little talk with the Master!  

God’s Listening trilogy will help the user to incorporate prayer, meditation and reflection into their daily spiritual lives just like they incorporate food and water for their physical lives.

He’s Listening prayer trilogy is founded on II Corinthians 1:20 “For no matter how many promises God has made, they are “Yes” in Christ. And so through him the “Amen” is spoken by us to the glory of God.”

God’s Listening trilogy of books are designed to help the user connect with God on an intimate and daily basis. The prayer book is designed for daily prayer and each prayer has scripture references. The prayers are divided into several categories, including self-care, forgiveness, family and community. The prayer journal includes inspirational scriptures and quotes and ample pages for you to write your prayers. The book of God’s promises include promises of God regarding our health and wellness, finances, peace and many other topics. It also includes words of encouragement.

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In God’s Listening Prayer Book, Min. Anita Wamble has captured the beauty and value of having a consistent and rich prayer life with God.  The prayer book and companion journal delivers a revitalized,  inspiring, thoughtful, and empowering collection of conversations for us to have with God.  Min. Wamble’s poetic style invites the reader to embrace each prayer and to use it as a life resource.

It is good to know that this book of powerful prayers is timely and useful. These prayers will not get stale and will be heard by God. I envision other believers in Christ will enjoy quantity and quality time reading about our loving two-way communication with God.

Go deep into the various chapter topics of prayer, not only to see yourself in the prayer — but, to feel and know that you share similar experiences with so many other people.

Prayers for self-care, spiritual growth and encouragement are some key examples of what we need to incorporate God’s word, the power of the Holy Spirit and the Joy of Jesus for everyday application in our lives.

ALL of God’s people will find spiritual nourishment in this powerful prayer book.  Praise God for His Living and Loving Word!!

Grace Livingston-Nunley

I have only recently begun my “Christian Walk” and I am often looking for inspirational texts/messages for inspiration.  I have enjoyed reading this compilation of short pieces because it provides succinct passages that are perfect for daily doses of inspiration.  I also like that it is organized by subject areas, so if you are struggling with a particular issue like self-care, forgiveness, spiritual growth, etc. you can find a prayer that is well-suited to your needs.  Also, each prayer includes references to a number of scriptures that you can read to familiarize you with God’s word on the issue.  This is a great spiritual resource that can used for daily inspiration like “Daily Bread” or other inspirational texts.  It is well-worth the read.

Nichole S.

Anyone reading this book of prayers whether a believer or not will find that the prayers are very inspirational and applicable to everyday living. I have found strength in times of weakness, hope in the time of despair, light in the times of darkness, and burdens lifted on a heavy heart.

As I have engaged in reading this book I find that it has become priceless and brings hope to each day.  The scripture references confirm the fact that God has a word for us in anything we face. I find them to be a resource for specific prayers.

The messages conveyed in the prayers is that we all should establish a relationship with God, constantly praying for all of life’s circumstances knowing that God hears our prayers and have the faith that He will answer in His own way, in His own time.

It is obvious that this book was written by someone who has had a close encounter with God, maintains a close relationship and lives out her beliefs as she trusts and waits on Him. If you are lacking in your prayer life this book would be a good place to start.  Once being familiar with the contents you can refer to it and find that there is a prayer for you each day no matter what you are facing.  This book is the key to a peaceful and rewarding life full of hope right here on earth.

Naomi Flythe, Founder
TimeOut! Women’s Ministry

The prayers written by Min. Anita are such a fresh departure from the typical,  prescriptive prayer publications.  I see them as the  “on the lap” conversations  of a “daddy’s girl” (speaking from experience) who is secure in her Father’s love in spite of what happens in her life! I highly recommend this book for every Christian library and its reading, in particular, to women of all ages!
Lisa C. Henderson, M.Th., M.T.S.
Chaplain Intern, 2016
Georgetown University Hospital

It is with passion, compassion and under the direction of The Holy Spirit, Anita Wamble has pinned God’s Listening Prayer Book.This book of authentic and original prayers for various areas of our lives is a great tool for every believer as well as the non believer. The beauty of this book is that it shines the spotlight on the power of praying with purpose.
Anita’s powerful faith, divine wisdom and keen spiritual insight into the diverse areas of the lives of mankind has afforded her the anointing and gifting to minister to others the importance of prayer through a personal and intimate relationship with God.
The book is an easy read, has a clear and concise theme and I find it hard to put it down once I pick it up. It is a very timely and much needed spiritual tool. It is biblically based and is definitely seasoned with divine revelation and personal experiences from the life of one who leads a lifestyle of prayer and it is evident by the content of the prayers and the Scripture references that accompanies each prayer.
Personally, I was inspired, encouraged and challenged to examine my own prayer life and in doing so my prayer life has been strengthened and magnified. I love this book and I wholeheartedly recommend it to others. It has been and will continue to be a blessing as I continue to meet God in the place where I speak to Him and the place where He speaks back to me, the place of prayer.
Reverend Dianne Ashton,
Associate Pastor, CBC World Ministry