Prayer for Today


January 24, 2017

Father, I recognize that healing my life is more than just changing my food intake. I must change my mind intake.

I need to guard my eye and ear gates. I need to act responsibly with what I read, watch on television and hear from my friends and family. I need to have the courage to say, “I don’t want to hear that” or “I’m not going to do that” when I know what other people want me to do is detrimental to my spiritual, mental or emotional health.

Lord, I know there are people in my life that are addicted to drama and trauma. I know I have friends, family members and co-workers that will do anything to keep mess going. They will do anything to stir up strive and cause confusion. Please help me remove these people from my life. Help me not to allow them to influence me.

Father, help me to apply your word to my life. Help me to close my eyes, ears and heart to the foolishness of foolish people. Help me to stay focused on you and intake your word into my heart and mind for the purpose of healing me.

In Jesus name, I pray. Amen.

Scripture references:

Matthew 7:24

James 1:22

II Timothy 3:16

Hebrews 13:5

I John 4:1


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