Spring Refresh | One Day Retreat | May 5, 2018 – Come and Join Us!

It’s time for you, yes you, to move from the bench or sideline of your Christian life and learn to operate in and for God’s Kingdom here on earth on a daily basis.

The Battle is Not Yours! – Rev. Marvin Wamble

Does it seem like every time you’re ready to do something for God, madness breakouts? Good, that’s what supposed to happen! This class will teach you how to keep moving forward in the midst of the madness and prevail.

Moving Forward with What is Behind – Rev. Dianne Ashton

 How do you move forward in the things of God when you know what you’ve done in the past? If you’ve ever asked this question this is the class for you. Moving forward can’t be done if we continue to focus on what we were or what we did. God has forgiven us but have we forgiven ourselves?

Red Light/Green Light – Pastor Margo Gross

 Are you stuck? Do you need a boost from God to help push your out of a rut? If so, you’ve come to the right place. This class will move you from standing still to moving full steam ahead.

Learning to Wait – Min. Lisa Henderson

 We live in an instantaneous world. “Faster, faster, faster” we cry, but is that how God works? Learning how to wait on God is a higher order of spiritual discipline. This class is designed to help you start living a more disciplined but fulfilling life as you wait on the Lord

It’s Your Season to be Blessed – Min. Anita Wamble

There is a blessing in every spiritual season we go through. So why does it feel like some seasons are anything put a blessing? Because we don’t know how to operate in a blessed manner in every season. This class is designed to help you move from wishing and hoping into moving and prospering no matter what spiritual season you’re in.

Praise, Worship, Work, Love (P.W.W.L) – Pastor Brenda L. McIlwain

In the midst of all we do, our relationship with God is paramount. We must learn to praise God regardless, worship God continuously, work in our vineyard and love unconditionally…all at the same time! This class is designed to help you achieve P.W.W.L. daily.

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