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Little Becomes Much – Part III
II Kings 4:1 – 7
“Elisha replied to her, ’How can I help you? Tell me, what do you have in your house?’ ‘“’Your servant has nothing there at all,’” she said, “’except a small jar of olive oil.”’”

What Do You Have to Lose?

In the story of the widow and the oil, the widow had her back against the wall. Her husband was dead, she was in hock up to her nose, the man to whom she is in debt was coming to enslaving her sons and, in her opinion, she had nothing of value that could get her out of the predicament she was facing.

Many of us can relate to the situation in which the widow found herself. Nothing was going right. Everything seemed to be closing in on her at the same time. She had run out of options and nothing could bail her out so…she turned to God, in the person of the prophet Elisha.

We need to learn from the widow and we should go to Jesus first. Not our pastor, family nor friend. Jesus, the word of God, should be the very first place we turn. Then, once we get the solution we need to obey. No questions nor procrastination, just obey.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been down this road before or if Jesus is giving you a new path by asking you to do something you haven’t done before to resolve your problem, do it. What Elisha told the widow to do was not a sure thing. It sounded crazy and it didn’t make any sense, but the she did it anyway.

The widow did two things that many of us won’t do. First, she took a risk. She had no guarantees and no precedence to rely on. All she had was an impossible possibility. Second, she took God at his word. She didn’t ask for a sign. She didn’t stop to pray. She didn’t ask for a second opinion. She didn’t call anyone and tell them what she was going to do, she just obeyed.

This woman was putting her future in her own hands at the instruction of the man of God. She had nowhere else to turn, nothing else she could do. She was as desperate for an answer as some of us say we are. If she gave him everything she had left, her “little” oil, and he blew it, what would she do? The same thing she would do if she kept it without acknowledging it was there.

What do you have to lose if you decide to believe God? Take your future into your hands and move forward in faith.

God, the Father of heaven and earth, show me what I have in my life that I can give to you to help people and supply the needs in my life. Lord, help me to see beyond the obvious and look past what I see with my natural eye. Help me give my gifts, talents and abilities to you to help further your kingdom here on earth. Give me your strength and endurance, and I will fulfill your will for my life. Thank you, Lord. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

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