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THIS OFFER ENDS JULY 31ST!                       

Pre-order the God’s Listening prayer book and prayer journal and receive God’s Promises book, FREE! Go to: http://www.anitawamble.com/bookstore/

They are finally here! Yes, the Prayer Book Trilogy, God’s Listening is now available for pre-order!

Our country is in need of prayer like never before. This pray book trilogy was designed to help you pray for your family, community and nation as we go through difficulties, trials and tribulations.

God’s Listening trilogy will help the user to incorporate prayer, meditation and reflection into their daily spiritual lives just like they incorporate food and water for their physical lives.

God’s Listening trilogy of books are designed to help the user connect with God on an intimate and daily basis. The prayer book is designed for daily prayer and each prayer has scripture references. The prayers are divided into several categories, including self-care, forgiveness, family and community. The prayer journal includes inspirational scriptures and quotes and ample pages for you to write your prayers. The book of God’s promises include promises of God regarding our health and wellness, finances, peace and many other topics. It also includes words of encouragement.

Pre-order by July 31st to take advantage of this special offer: 

Order God’s Listening prayer book and journal and receive Promises of God free. Go to: http://www.anitawamble.com/bookstore/




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