Prayer for Today

May 15, 2019

Lord God, I never have to fret or worry about anything because You control the hearts of everyone, and You set the direction that You want them to go.

Whether it’s the President, Congressional Representatives, my supervisor, church leaders, or others in leadership, they can’t do anything that You don’t allow.

Leadership in any capacity may say or do anything they want, but I will not be moved because my confidence is in You. Thankfully, You don’t follow the instructions of global leadership. Whether they know it or not, they follow Your instructions.

You weigh their motives and determine outcomes based on their heart and their reasons, not their words. Lord, I thank You for the peace that this knowledge gives me. I don’t put my hope in the words, or actions of humans, but I put my hope in Your righteous judgment of their hearts and motives.

In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

Scripture references:

Proverb 16:2

Proverb 21:1 – 2

Proverb 24:12

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