Prayer for Today

December 10, 2019

Lord, at work, and even family members and friends want to assail me. They want to bring me down to a level where they can lord over me. People try to verbally assault me and browbeat me into submitting to their way of thinking. But I will not fall into the trap of people-pleasing. My faith is not in them or how they view me. My faith is in You, my Lord and King, are who You created me to be.

Lord, my faith looks up to You. It is in You I have my assurance, my confidence, and my conviction. I will not waiver or shrink in the face of my enemies, opposition or people who try to bully me into doing what they want. I will not let anyone shake my confidence in who I am in You.

You, Lord God, are my strength and my shield. Your rod and Your staff, which are Your protection and authority, are mine. Who can stand against You when You are standing up for me? Who can change Your plans? Who can void Your plans for me? No one! Therefore, I will not allow anyone to take me out of the path that You have set before me.

I will stay under the pinion of Your wings and am resolute in my confidence in You. My faith is in You; therefore, my faith is in Your word, which is the truth. My faith looks up to You. Thank You for being a faithful God. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

Scripture References:

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