Prayer for Today

November 18, 2019

Lord God, the sacrifice You made for me is more than I can fathom. Your love for me that You display towards me every day is more than I can fully grasp, and yet, You never waiver in loving me to the fullest of Your being.

Lord, the grace and Your mercy that You show me each day is better than I can imagine; therefore, most days, I do not respond to Your love the way I should, and I do not fully and freely give you my life. I’m not obedient to Your call on my life. I don’t always act like I’m a Christian; I don’t love my neighbor as myself, and I don’t respond to the needs of others as I should. I take on tasks and responsibilities without seeking You first, and then, when I get in over my head, I expect You to rescue me. Forgive me!

Lord, teach me to treasure the sacrifice You gave for me when You allowed Your only begotten Son to die for me. This is my sincere prayer in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Scripture references:

John 3:16

John 15:13

Romans 5:8

I John 4:8

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