Prayer for Today – My Friend


February 15, 2016

Father God, I thank You for being my friend. I know that You’re my friend, because of the finished work of Christ Jesus. I know that Jesus came to close the gap between us that had made me Your enemy, but because of Jesus’ birth, death and resurrection, You now count me among Your friends just as You counted Abram as Your friend.

You and I are not peers. You are my Lord and King, and I am Your handiwork. I was fashioned after You, formed in Your image and created to fulfill Your purpose for my life. You are the author of everything; I am Your vehicle for getting it done on the earth.

You are my friend because of Your great love for me, not because of anything I’ve ever done. You are my friend because You created me to be like You, but not to be You. You’re my friend because life can be hard and cruel, and I need someone to whom I can turn and put my trust. Thank You Lord for Your friendship, Your love, Your compassion, Your mercy, and Your grace.

In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

Scripture References:

James 4:4

James 2:23

John 15:13 – 15

Proverbs 18:24

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