Prayer for Today

March 29, 2018

Father, the widow in II King 4 only had some oil in her home to take care of her debts. But, she trusted the man of God and was able to see the supernatural preformed in her life.

So many of your children, myself included, are in need of a supernatural manifestation of a financial blessing. We have looked all over trying to figure out a better way to make ends meet but, we often overlook that which you have already placed in us.

Father, whatever oil you have given me for my house, I now pledge to use it for your kingdom building purposes. I will no longer sit back and watch and wonder what I could do, or lament over what I haven’t done, but I will press forward to the higher mark in Christ Jesus.

I will seek your face Lord, your face I will seek for the purpose of bringing me closer to you so that in all things in my life you may be glorified, I may be edified and the enemy will be nullified.

I do not operate in the spirit of fear disguised by reasons, logic or excuses, but I walk in the knowledge of the power that has dwelled in me for the purpose of doing your bidding.

Thank You for investing in me. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

Scripture references:
II King 4:1 – 7
Psalm 86:12

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