Prayer for Today

March 7, 2018

Father, during this Lenten season I have worked at looking and acting more like Jesus. This goal is a lifelong journey. One diligent step at a time will make a difference in what I do on a daily basis.

Father, today and every day I will endeavor to live above mediocrity and above the fray of the common; not because I better than anyone else, but you didn’t create me to be mediocre or common. You placed your greatness in me, made me extraordinary and more than an overcomer. Some days I stumble and fall, but your greatness still resides in me.

Lord, because of the greatness you placed in me by the Holy Spirit, nothing is impossible for me. Everything that you’ve given me to achieve is mine to succeed in and prosper from.
Starting today I will not dwell in the negative. I have control over my mind, my will and my ambitions. I will see the good in everything and rejoice in everything that you allow to come into my life.

Father, starting today, I purpose to operate in and through Christ Jesus to achieve my optimal best in everything you’ve blessed me to do. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

Scripture references:

Matthew 17:20
John 14:26
Romans 8:28 – 30
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