Prayer for Today

James 1 27


August 16, 2016

Father, today we come before you lifting up the people in Louisiana, Alabama, Texas, Mississippi and Arkansas who are being affected by the historic flooding that is going on. There are people, families that have lost every material thing, but you have speared their lives. Thank you Father God.

Help those who have not been affected by the flooding to help and comfort those who are in need. Remind us that prayer is great but when we see people who are in need, it is our obligation to meet them at their point of need.

Father, we pray for the first responders and the emergency support personnel. Help them to remember they are going to help the survivors and tend to their needs. Give our government officials the heart to give the funding necessary to help people get back on their feet.

Father, we need you to be the survivors help and strengthen. Help the rest of us to be your eyes, ears, hands and feet so that we can see the need, hear the cries of the needy, lend a helping hand and go to where others need us most.

In Jesus name we pray. Amen.


Scripture reference:


Psalm 40:17

Psalm 72:12

James 1:27

James 2:14 – 17


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