Prayer for Today

Deut 8 18


July 8, 2016

Father God, You have given Your children everything we need to live a full and productive life. You have given us Godly wisdom. You have given us courage and boldness. You have given us the ability to produce wealth; not only material wealth but spiritual wealth. You have given us the power, the authority and the dominion to rule and rein in the earth.

Father, it is true that You have given us all of these things but, most of us don’t live up to the greatness You have bestowed on us. Most of us live from pay check to pay check because we’re too afraid to walk by faith and fulfill the destiny You have placed in our hearts and minds. Many of us live sad, depressed and less than productive lives because we’re trying to live like the world system says we’re supposed to live.

Father, too many of Your children are trying to live down to the level of the world rather than living up to the Kingdom of God. You’ve called and positioned us to live life to the abundant, yet we wallow in the muck and mire of the world. Forgive us!

Father we need Your help to climb out of the pitfalls of this world. Father, help Your children we pray in Jesus name.


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